Direction to Tottori Prefecture Citizens' Culture Hall

Tottori Prefecture Citizens' Culture Hall is located in Tottori City, a castle town surrounded by nature in the eastern Tottori Prefecture, and it is a cultural complex with various kinds of facilities, which has been established as the center of culture and arts of Tottori Prefecture.

The Rika Hall (the big hall), which provides good acoustics, can be used for classic music concerts. The small hall can be used for music concerts and theatrical performances. There are also a conference room with the simultaneous interpretation equipments, a Japanese room that can be used for Tea Ceremony, rehearsal and practice rooms for ballet and music, an exhibition room to display works of art and a multi-purpose free space.



【By Walking】
From JR Tottori Station, walk along Wakasa Kaido Road toward the prefecutural government office for about 20 minutes.

【By Bus】
1. Regular Route Bus
From Tottori Bus Terminal (Next to JR station)
Take Koyama Toridai Line or Karo Line.
Get off at "Kencho-Nisseki-mae" (Required Time: 5 min.)

2. 100-yen Circular Route Bus "Kururi" (Tottori City Official Website for "Kururi" Info.
Departs every 20 minutes from Tottori Bus Terminal (Next to JR station)
Take either Red Course or Blue Course.
Get off at "16 Torigin Bunka Kaikan". (Required Time: 15 min.)

【From Airport】
1. Taxi - 15 min.
2. Airport Limousine Bus - 15 min. Get off at "Kencho-Nisseki-mae"

【Transportation from Other Areas】

<By Trains>

TOKYOTOTTORI5 H 10 M1. 【Shinkansen】 --- (Himeji) --- 【Super Hakuto
2. 【Shinkansen】 --- (Okayama) ---【Super Inaba
OSAKATOTTORI2 H 30 M(Osaka/Shin-Osaka) --- 【Super Hakuto
NAGOYATOTTORI3 H 40 M【Shinkansen】 --- (Himeji) --- 【Super Hakuto
HIROSHIMATOTTORI2 H 45 M1. 【Shinkansen】 --- (Okayama) --- 【Super Inaba
2. 【Shinkansen】 --- (Himeji) --- 【Super Hakuto
* Approximate travelling time. (H = Hours, M = Minutes)

<By Car>
OSAKA 3 H 10 M【Chugoku Exp'way】 → (Yamazaki I.C.) → 【R29】 ・・・Tottori
3 H 10 M

【Chugoku Exp'way】 → Sayo I.C. → 【R373】 → 【R53】 ・・・Tottori

OKAYAMA3 H【Okayama Exp'way】 → 【Chugoku Exp'way】 → (Tsuyama I.C.) → 【R53】 ・・・Tottori
HIROSHIMA3 H 30 M【Sanyo Exp'way】 → 【Okayama Exp'way】 → 【Chugoku Exp'way】 → (Tsuyama I.C.) → 【R53】 ・・・Tottori
KOCHI4 H【Kochi Exp'way】 → 【Okayama Exp'way】 → 【Chugoku Exp'way】 → (Tsuyama I.C.) → 【R53】 ・・・Tottori
* Approximate travelling time. (H = Hours, M = Minutes)

<By Airway>
TOKYOTOTTORI1 H 10 MAbout 15 minutes by car
* Approximate Flight Time. (H = Hours, M = Minutes)

<By Express Bus>

Express Bus Services are provided by
Hinomaru Bus Limited and Nihon Kotsu Co. Ltd.
For more information, please inquire the bus companies.

* Approximate travelling time. (H = Hours, M = Minutes)