DownhillCyclying_tour(include lunch)[limited time]

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Participant information@1. name@2. age category (adult(over 13 years)/child( 7 to 12 years )j3.height 4.address
iall participants information is needed for insurancej

remarks(alleregy for example) and additional inquiry

<About child>
Child need to be over 7 years old and over 125cm height.
Child has to be able to grip brakes correctly and be able to ride on smoothly.

<About adult>
Adult need to be under 75 years old and onder 100kg weight.
Adult has to be able to grip brakes correctly and be able to ride on smoothly.

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yDisclaimer warningz

1DYou join cyclying tour or rent cycle at your own risk.
2DYou have responsibility for returning rental bike and items
3DYou have to compensate full amount of items if you would broke or be stolen bike and items.
4DUser has responsibility for any accidents, troubles, damages, injury.
5DYou can never claim for damages to MORINOKUNI irrespective of any duty or responsibility.
6. Our staff put forth our best efforts but your safe is not guaranteed.Tour fee include accident insurance but the amount is limited so make sure and we strictly recommend you to took out travel insurance by yourself.

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